5 Mistakes You’re Making if You Want to Sell Your House During the Winter in Temecula

Winter is typically the slow season for real estate. The weather’s nasty, people just aren’t out house hunting, and there are all those holiday activities keeping people busy. 

Still, some realtors advise selling during the winter. Buyers have a greater sense of urgency to buy a house, and, on average, sellers net more above the asking price during winter months, even in some cold-weather areas. All you have to do, then, is avoid these 5 mistakes you’re making if you want to sell your house during the winter in Temecula.

5 Mistakes You’re Making if You Want to Sell Your House During the Winter in Temecula CA

1. Failing to Clear a Path

If potential buyers can’t easily and safely get to your front door, they will probably just drive right on by. And don’t think you can bring them in a more-protected secondary entrance. For 95% of homes, the best presentation is through the front door.

So keep the walkways and entry areas clear of ice and snow. Not only does it make a home more attractive to buyers during winter, but it also protects you legally in case of an accident.

2. Not Cleaning Windows

In the summertime when there’s plenty of sunshine and less cloud cover, cleaning windows isn’t that critical. But it becomes far more important if you want to sell your house in Temecula during the winter. A bright interior puts prospective buyers in a more receptive mood and makes your home look more appealing.

Keep in mind, too, that with the foliage off the trees, every speck of dirt and every smudge and stain on the outside of your windows is visible.cJust a little elbow grease here will do a lot to help sell your house in Temecula during the winter.

3. Using Scents and Not Eradicating Odors

During the winter, houses are closed up tight, trapping every smell inside. On top of that, many people – potential buyers, in this case – are allergic to some scents and deodorizers, and others find certain odors highly offensive.

So to increase your winter home-selling odds, don’t burn scented candles or spray air freshener. Also, try to eradicate other other smells like pet and cooking odors. This may seem minor to you, but it really is a concern for some people.

4. Using the Wrong Listing Photos

You may be listing and trying to sell your house in Temecula during the winter, but you don’t have to use only winter photos for listing purposes. Listing photos showing a front yard full of slushy snow and icicles hanging from the eaves just won’t be all that appealing to potential buyers. So try to use some photos taken during spring or summer.

You will, of course, have to use some photos that display your house to best advantage during the season in which you’re trying to sell. But you can also mix in some that show beautiful lush lawns and attractive gardens in full bloom.

5. Letting the Seasonal Slowdown Get You Down

Finally, don’t get down because of the slow seasonal market and settle for less than you have to. Remember, during the winter, buyers often have a greater sense of urgency to close, and you can often net more. Even though the weather may not be favorable, buyers are still out there actively looking for a house, and buyers are always shopping online.

Selling your home can be a lengthy, frustrating process in any season, but it doesn’t have to be inevitably worse in winter. Just avoid these mistakes in order to sell your house in Temecula during the winter.

Allen White
Allen White
SDS Homes took on a tile flooring project for me could not be happier with the results. Went above and beyond all trash was cleaned up after project. Would recommend for any home project you have
Rose work
Rose work
Sean / SDS and his team (shout to to Tom!) was great to work with. Prompt to give us a quote (his proposal was detailed), and prompt to start and finish. They didn’t cut corners and even suggested layouts that were better than ours. We are so in love with our bathroom and hope to work with them again with other projects in the future! Thank you Sean and Tom!
Lori Robinson
Lori Robinson
We can't say enough about Sean and his team at SDS. We used them to remodel our brand new tract home: expanding a closet, painting, swapping out some doors, etc. Sean and his team gave us the utmost care. We had several contractors coming and going, and BY FAR, Sean's team was the most professional, clean, efficient and friendly. I loved working with Tom and Jorge and all the guys. They even assembled a couple of consoles I received from Wayfair for my parents. Now we are getting estimates for an epic backyard from Sean. Can't wait to get going! O! And when they said they would be here at 8am they were always right on time. Thanks guys!
Glenn Jones
Glenn Jones
SDS Home’s did a complete remodel of the guest bathroom at my house. The crew that worked on my project was very professional and I’m extremely happy about the end results. I also think the project cost was very fair. I’m very happy that I hired SDS Home’s for this project.
JJ Baddon
JJ Baddon
I am very impressed with this company. When I called, I actually got to speak to the owner directly and he answered his phone. He was very informative about permitting, plans and city ordinances. He is always willing to go above and beyond. My colleagues have used him and WOW! He is really good! You will not be disappointed! Give him a call!
Gio Leonardo
Gio Leonardo
I have collaborated with Sean on a few projects and have seen first hand the level of quality SDS Homes provides. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for top notch professional builder.
I love SDS home construction. They always answer the phone. The owner Sean Coy is so amazing at what he does. I have a couple projects we’re working together. Sean is the real deal! My go to for sure!! Give them a call
The best work in the valley, hands down! Would 100000% recommend
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