How To Prepare For A Home Remodeling Project: 5 Tips To Prepare For A Home Remodel

Home renovations are fun and exciting for homeowners. Revamping your home is a smart life choice and investment, which can increase your home’s value and update its style. However, once you’re done figuring out your budget, going through estimates and are finally ready to start the project, there are a few additional steps you’ll need to take.

The following tips can help you prepare for your remodel.

1. You Might Need Storage

Where will you put your belongings during the remodeling project? For example, if we’re remodeling a living room, you’ll have to store furniture, couches, and other items somewhere. Do you have enough space for these items in your garage or another area of the home?

If not, you’ll need to consider storing your items.

A few popular storage ideas, include:

  • Rent a storage unit
  • Bring items to a family member’s home
  • Garage – if there’s enough space and it’s not damp

2. Create a Reno-Free Zone

Before the work begins, consider creating a reno-free zone in your home where your family can spend time together and relax – away from the work zone.

If you’re planning a major renovation, consider bringing everything you need to your reno-free zone, such as a microwave and table. Creating a functional space for your family will make the renovation less disruptive to your routine.

3. Prepare for Potential Delays

We do everything in our power to complete your home renovations on time. However, there are times when issues arise that will extend the project deadline. For example, if we’re working on a kitchen remodel and we pull up the flooring only to find termites have eaten into your flooring, we may have to:

  • Add wood filler
  • Sand
  • Re-stain

However, if oak boards are damaged, they will need to be replaced. Some of these issues cannot be known until we begin the remodel.

4. Talk to Your Contractor

Your contractor is your go-to source for information about the remodel. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have before home renovations begin. A few of the questions our customers ask us the most are:

  • Will the space be cleaned up every day?
  • What site prep can I do to help the project along?
  • Do I need to provide any information for permitting?

It’s always better to ask us any questions you may have so that you’re more comfortable going into the remodel or renovation.

5. Have Plans for the Kids and Pets

A home remodel can be messy. Make sure that you have plans to keep your children and pets away from the renovation area. Installing child safety gates is a great way to keep curious children away from the remodel zone.

The chaos of home renovations, although temporary, can be stressful for pets. Along with the noise, doors may be opened often to bring tools and materials in and out of the house. Some families find it best to have a friend or family member pet-sit until the bulk of the work is complete.

One last tip – take the time to mentally prepare for renovations. While exciting, a home remodeling project will temporarily disrupt your normal routine. A little mental preparation can go a long way in making the project stress-free.

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