Top 4 Kitchen Remodel/Design Mistakes to Avoid

The kitchen is one of the most heavily used spaces in your home – and for many households the kitchen is also the heart of the home. The layout of your kitchen should maximize every inch of available space.


Make sure to avoid the four most common mistakes listed below to ensure that your kitchen meets the needs of everyone in your household.


No Kitchen Triangle

Interior designers refer to the refrigerator, stove, and sink as the “kitchen triangle.” Ideally, these three essential kitchen elements are arranged in a triangle with a total area of no less than 10 feet and no more than 25 feet to allow for adequate food prep space. It’s worth the expense to reroute plumbing for a poorly placed sink to create a better kitchen triangle configuration.


Wasted Storage Space

Today’s kitchens often include gadgets, such as bread machines, food processors, and convection ovens, not to mention toasters and coffee makers. Without adequate storage space, these items either clutter up valuable countertop space or are stashed away in difficult to access pantries. Include extra cabinets, a pantry, or a kitchen island for additional storage.


Inadequate Countertop Space

Adequate prep space is a must for gourmet cooks and for everyday kitchen food prep. A kitchen island, breakfast bar, or peninsula is a smart addition for kitchens with enough space for them.


Poor Lighting & Ventilation

Poor lighting in a kitchen presents a real hazard. Plan for overall lighting, and extra task lighting in areas where food prep occurs. Likewise, inadequate ventilation can generate stale smells. A vent above the stovetop is a must to maintain air quality in the kitchen.


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